Our solid soap bars are made from coconut oil and partly recycled cooking oil from Berlin's vegan restaurants. We refine our soaps with our own apple cider vinegar.

The large bars are all hand cut, each is unique and poured by hand in our cold soaping process.  The colours can vary each time and change as they cure for 4-5 weeks for the perfect alcalinity. The weight is around 150 - 200g.


White Soap:

This one is a very pure cleansing soap, without scent, no colouring, microplastic or palmoil and totally vegan.



Green Soap :

The addition of our pure essential juniper berry oil is said to dispel snakes, worms and ghosts as a magic ingredient.  We also add fine stinging nettle powder. Stinging nettle leaves have been used for centuries to clean holy places and altars - according to witchcraft the leaves protect house and home from evil.



Rose Soap:

Our pink soap is beautifully scented with rose oil which is known to brighten up the soul. Madder root and fine pink clay lend a gentle rose colour.  No microplastic or palmoil and totally vegan.


No microplastic or palmoil and totally vegan.

Use wih a dish brush or sponge. 


Solid Dish Soap Bars