Burning incense is an old tradition that is being used since thousands of years in almost all major human cultures as a means of purification, healing, blessing and spiritual connection. These days we mainly see incense being burnt in yoga studios and meditation centers, but it’s also a beautiful ritual to introduce to your home.

Be it for cleaning the atmosphere, setting new intentions, clearing the aura, invoking a higher force or simply because it smells delicious and spreads cosiness.



Our wooden incense boxes come with 24 handmade incense cones made of 12 beautiful local witches’ herbs known for their magical properties. Burn them in a ceremony on a homemade altar or let the smoke drift through your home by itself.



Each of them is suitable for a different intention or mood: Rose touches the soul and pulls us out of mild depressions, perfect for these autumn blues. Meadow sweet is perfect to cleanse the atmosphere after anger and creates peace. Elderflower, which is the perfect herb to burn when moving into a new house or phase of your life. It banishes the old and makes room for the new. Just to name a few…

Learn a little bit more about how your mood changes with introducing beautiful smoke ritual into your life.

Insence Box from 12 Magical Witches' Herbs