about our Vinegars

Our hand-made live cleaning vinegar is made from organic fallen apples from Brandenburg and the leftover fruit peels of our kitchen in the DAHEIM MANUFAKTUR, where it is used for daily professional cleaning.

Made without any chemicals, it is safe for children, animals and your respiratory tract.

our process

Our time-consuming, natural fermentation process is performed without heating and therefore maintains all good bacteria and effective microorganisms that protect your home for longer against bad bacteria.

Magical properties

Our vinegar is fermented with stinging nettle leaves, which have been used for centuries to clean holy places and altars. According to witchcraft the leaves protect house and home from evil. The addition of our pure essential antiviral laurel oil gives the extra protection in these times of heightened cleanliness.

300ML oder 500ML recyclable bottle


Add any spray head for perfect dosage - OR order our 'spray head for life'  to make your cleaner last. (sold without to avoid plastic waste) 

Alive Household Cleaner with anti-viral laurel oil