Our products are handmade from local ingredients, like Brandenburger apples and native herbs, some mindfully foraged in Berlin's parks and Brandenburg's forests. We reuse waste cooking oil from some of Berlin's vegan restaurants.


We use traditional techniques that have been tried and tested for generations and take a lot of time and care. We juice our apples by hand & ferment it in small batches until perfect. Our soaps are all made in the cold soaping technique and cure for several weeks.

All our products are refined with beautiful essential oils, which are protecting, anti-viral or magical. We infuse and refine all our products with herbs which- after old witches believe- have magical powers. 


As we can all do with a little bit more magic.


The apples used for our vinegar would otherwise have been waste apples that are grown for bee keeping. Our dish soaps have been made with waste cooking oil. All our packaging is plastic free and can be refilled and reused. Our soap and incense packaging is made from former cheese boxes.



Vinegar is a natural product that is biodegradable, has an antibacterial and disinfecting effect and very effectively removes residues from surfaces. That is why we use homemade vinegar as the basis for our products. We make our apple cider vinegar by hand from unsprayed fallen apples from Brandenburg farmers, as well as leftover fruit peel from DAHEIM MANUFAKTUR. We want to contribute to the complete recycling of valuable, high-quality food.


We therefore use fruit that can no longer be sold and would have ended up as waste. In the first fermentation stadium, natural bacteria take the sugar out of the fruit and convert it into alcohol. In the second step, the acetobacteria take over and break down the alcohol further to acetic acid, so that a golden vinegar is formed.


The acidity gives our vinegar it’s cleaning power, as most germs cannot grow in such an acidic environment. It also helps to effectively combat lime deposits. Our vinegar is not pasteurized, which means the bacteria stay alive in the bottle and can continue to work for us. They settle on the cleaned surfaces and thus reduces the re-colonization by germs.

Essential Oils


We round off the composition of our household cleaners by adding carefully selected pure essential oils. We use the scents of local plants and, if special properties are required, supplement with essential oils from Europe. They give our cleaning agents a lovely scent, often have an antibacterial or antivirual effect and their specific properties support the cleaning power.


Witches herbs are herbs and medicinal plants, which were, by folkloric belief used by druids and so-called herbal witches. These plants were rumoured to have magical powers in the Middle Ages. Today, many of them are still valued and used in alternative medicine. We are also fascinated by the history and traditional use of our indigenous German witches herbs. Many of these magical herbs and trees grow besides our pavements and often go unnoticed.  We pass them almost daily in Berlin and its surrounding areas: nettle, birch, linden flowers, yarrow, etc.

We add a magic witch herb to each of our products to create protection, keep evil away or attract love and warmth.