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In Oktober 2014 Julia founded the communal kitchen DAHEIM MANUFAKTUR in Kreuzberg. At DAHEIM caterer, food start-ups and cooking classes alike share a hygiene office-certified kitchen. Professional cleaning is a vital part of the business. After a short time, Julia noticed that conventional cleaning products significantly worsened her asthma so she decided to find a way to stop using synthetic chemicals for cleaning, without compromising professional hygiene.


Julia began to ferment her own live cleaning vinegar in the kitchen from left-over fruit peel together with fallen fruit from a Brandenburg beekeeper she befriended. She worked her way through several soap recipes until she found the one. 

Reminiscing about her free childhood in Bavaria between fields and lakes, she began to learn about local herbs and blossoms, driven by her life long fascination with old German witchcraft. So Julia  started introducing magical local herbs and pure essential oils to her products. 


As a result, “BERLINER ZAUBERKRAUT” was born.

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